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Wireless Abdominal Muscle Stimulator

Wireless Abdominal Muscle Stimulator

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EMS Electric Muscle Stimulator for Exercises Abdominal Trainer Hip Buttock Six Pack Trainer Body Fitness Slimming Massage"

This EMS Electric Muscle Stimulator is perfect for exercises, abdominal training, hip buttock training, six pack training, body fitness, and slimming massage. It features EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) through current stimulation, directly sending a signal to the muscles, and promoting muscle movement. You can use it to exercise your abdominal muscles, arm muscles, waist muscles, and leg muscles, and get up to muscle shaping effect, such as six pack belly, mermaid line and more. It can also help you slim down by stimulating the muscle nerves and making the muscles complete contraction movement, burning excess fat and achieving weight loss. This device can also help maintain muscle activity and keep the muscle energy full, so that the power won't decay. All comes with a set of gel pads, but the gel sheet should be replaced after continuously used about 30 times. Click here to buy extra gel pads: Replacement Gel Pads.


  • Type: Muscle Trainer
  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Color: Black
  • Power By: 2*AAA Alkaline Batteries (not included)
  • Working Mode: 6 Different Massage Mode

Package Included: As shown in the options picture

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